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WCTO 2017

Bridges! So many bridges! You see – I have a fear of bridges. And the higher they are, the more terrifying they are. Especially when the wind is blowing. And there are FIVE HUGE BRIDGES between Rochester, New York and Toronto.  What does that mean? That means that every time I visit Toronto, I have to face down my fears,…

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WordCamp Montreal

It’s the first morning of WordCamp Montreal and so far so good! The only hiccups for me have to do with driving here: the street signs don’t always match what my navigation is telling me; and Siri doesn’t speak French well. Add to that some torrential downpours on my way in, and it’s been interesting. What has not been a…

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WordCamp Ottawa

WordCamp Ottawa is always an amazing camp – good people, good food, great information and sharing. I always feel welcomed and I always leave with more friends. It is my pleasure to have been selected as a speaker for this year’s WordCamp. I’m happy to share with others about little things we can do – tweaks really – that can…

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WordCamp Pittsburgh

I’m really excited to be presenting at WordCamp Pittsburgh…their inaugural WordCamp, especially since I’ll be organizing Rochester’s first ever WordCamp in less than a month! My topic is “Hidden Features of WordPress.” Of course, these awesome features aren’t really hidden, it’s just that most people don’t know to look for them – or where they are. In this talk I introduce you…

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WordPress Community

WordPress Community: How to Get Involved (and Why!)

The WordPress Community is Amazing One of the aspects of my work I love the most is the WordPress community. Great code is good, but great people are amazing…and it’s the people who make it all possible. My best friend’s husband introduced me to WordPress. He built a site for us for a non-profit we had started. Then he gave us…

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Attending WordCamp Toronto 2016 After Party

Attending WordCamp: What to Expect

Attending WordCamp? Here are some thoughts… Whether you’re attending WordCamp for the first time or your 100th, you’re bound to have fun, learn a lot, and widen your circle of WordPress friends. From my first WordCamp (Buffalo 2014) to my most recent (Toronto 2016), and from being an attendee, speaker, and organizer, I can tell you firsthand of the joys…

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WordCamp Rochester Logo

WordCamp Rochester: Our First Year

It’s my pleasure to be the lead organizer of WordCamp Rochester. Especially since four years ago I had never even heard of WordPress. I often joke that when I built my first WordPress website that it was then that I drank the “WordPress Kool-Aid.” While that may sound a little extreme, it’s true that I became hooked on creating through…

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